The Film Making Process

The following steps outline our process, from initial phone call to launching your content. We work closely with you at every stage – it’s your film after all!


1. Initial phone call

We chat about your organisation and what you would like to achieve from a campaign. We’ll tell you about how we operate, our team and our initial thoughts on schedule, deadline and costs. We’ll ask:

  • What sort of video(s) you’d like – length, style and platform
  • Your objectives and target audience
  • If you’d like any supporting content – 360VR, photography, graphics
  • What locations, cast or talent you have in mind
  • If you have a deadline for the project
  • If you have a budget for the project – An indication of your budget will help us develop the proposals within your price range.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to all of these questions. We just want to get a rough idea of how you envisage the end content looking and feeling. We can then work-up more solid ideas to meet your budget.


2. Seadog review

We chat to our cameraman, our editor and our producer to come up with a variety of options for you. We discuss how many filming days we think it will take, what locations are needed, what extras we think are needed in terms of graphics, props, equipment and contributors.


3. Email

We email you with our initial proposal, which will include our thoughts on styles, storylines, a schedule and a draft budget.


4. Production phone call

We go through the storyline with you and talk more about the schedule and budget. We agree all of these with you.


5. Agreement

We send you our Client Agreement Contract to sign – this details what we will deliver to you and when, agreeing locations, people and dates with you for the filming. We ask for 25% payment on signature.


6. Pre-production

Our producer writes a script for the film and send to you for approval. This will include thoughts on style.


7. Filming

We come and film!


8. Editing

Our editor edits the first draft of your film. How long this takes will depend on the length and style of your film.


9. First draft approval

We send you the first draft for you to watch. This first draft is just that, a first draft. It’s an assembly of your story, in the right order. It has rough music on it, and the sound levels might not be perfect. The picture may look a bit grey and washed out. Don’t panic! We fix all of that later – this is just for you to give your initial thoughts on what you think of the storyline and the style.

You need to feedback to us within 48hrs. If you are local to Bristol, we are happy to do this in person with you or can be over the phone or by email.


10. Editing

Our editor then incorporates your feedback into the film, creating a second draft.


11. Second draft approval

We send you the second draft for you to watch. This is almost the finished version. You need to feedback to us within 48hrs. Again, this can be in person, over the phone or by email.

This is your last chance to make any changes!


12. Editing

Our editor finishes the film, incorporating your second draft feedback and enhancing the colour and sound. We will then send it to you via Vimeo or WeTransfer, ready for your launch.

Oh, and we now send you an invoice for the balance! Sorry.


13. Launch

You launch your film, and we will link to your film and help promote it!



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