Case Study: Choose Your Own Adventure

Mountain climbing, sky diving, exploring ruins, white water rafting. These used to be pursuits exclusive to thrill seekers and adventurers. The adventure travel market has made these experiences more and more accessible to the general public, but there are still millions of people who will never have the luxury, or perhaps the ability, to do so.

Choose Your Own Adventure experiences using 360VR provide endless opportunities to drop viewers of all abilities into immersive environments – imagine climbing a sea stack with a famous climber, flying with a wing suit into a Norwegian fjord, or simply driving an epic ocean highway with a famous personality.

Interactive features, such as information points and alternate routes can be added making an already immersive experience more engaging and highly shareable.


Use short teasers on your social media channels, with the main experience hosted on your website or YouTube Channel. Get your own VR headset and they can be used at point of sale – in a ‘try-before-you by’ era, customers want to know what they’re getting before they get it.


These films can take a digital marketing strategy to a whole new level, whether showcasing your brand values, as part of a CSR campaign to expand the experiences of those with disabilities or simply in order the drive traffic to your site from social media using the most engaging content out there.

They also open up new platforms set up specifically for VR material, that would otherwise be off-limits to your campaign, but available to the millions embracing this new platform.




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